Tuesday, June 14, 2016

David Bowie - 2016: A Rare Tracks Odyssey (The Demos & Rarities)

This compilation contains every David Bowie song title that isn’t included in any official album or compilation in studio or live version. Here are all the demos, outtakes and non-album titles. Many of them are in better quality than the bootlegs that they were included in before. Some of the tracks are remastered and edited.
The sound of CD 1 (1965 - 1980) is still not great, but there's no way to get it better. These tracks have been circulating among the fans for decades with poor quality and in some cases they are almost unlistenable. Hope that they will give us the songs in their best possible sound quality soon. But until this happens, the tracks will be available only in this poor sound quality.
The second CD contains tracks in much better quality, some of them even in CD quality. These are outtakes and songs from various compilations and soundtracks from 1981 to 2016, never released on any official Bowie album.
For more details about the songs and their versions included here, see inside the booklet.
Hope you enjoy this latest and complete David Bowie rare tracks collection.

(1965 - 198O)

01. That's A Promise
02. Over The Wall We Go
03. Little Toy Soldier
04. Silver Treetop School For Boys
05. Everything Is You
06. Social Girl
07. C'est La Vie
08. Even A Fool Learns To Love
09. April's Tooth Of Gold
10. Love Song
11. Life Is A Circus
12. Lover To The Dawn
13. Right On Mother
14. Tired Of My Life
15. How Lucky You Are
16. Rupert The Riley
17. Man In The Middle
18. A Lad In Vain
19. Shilling The Rubes
20. I Am a Laser
21. Velvet Couch
22. Piano La
23. Is There Life After Marriage

(1981 - 2O16)

01. That's Motivation
02. Volare (Nel Blu Dipinito Di Blu)
03. Needles on the Beach
04. It's Tough
05. Exodus
06. The Enemy Is Fragile
07. We'll Creep Together
08. I'd Rather Be Chrome
09. Planet Of Dreams
10. Fun (Dillinja Mix)
11. Trying To Get To Heaven
12. Mother
13. Hole In The Ground
14. Pictures Of Lily
15. Nature Boy

2 high quality CD-R discs, 12 pages booklet with fan art photos and information, back covers (glossy paper), CD jewel box with no tray (clear).

€ 24.00

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