Tuesday, June 14, 2016

David Bowie - The Terran Chronicles (Exclusive Live Performances)

This compilation contains every David Bowie song, performed live, and never included in any official album or compilation. Here are all the extra live performances in concerts, TV shows and other appearances. Many of them are in better quality than the bootlegs that they were included in before. Some of the tracks are remastered and edited.
The material is separated in two CDs. The first disc contains only solo performances and all the exclusive live collaborations with other artists are included in the second disc.
Most of these live tracks are unique and never performed more than once. The sound quality of some songs is not good, but this compilation contains the last leaked versions. So for now this is the best possible sound quality to be found. Many of the tracks came from official CD releases, but they were never released in any Bowie album.
For more details about the songs and their versions included here, see inside the booklet.
Hope you enjoy this most complete collection of exclusive live performances.

IV. 2016


01. Buzz the Fuzz
02. You Got To Have A Job (If You Don't Work - You Can't Eat)
03. This Boy
04. Footstompin'
05. Imagine
06. Waiata
07. I Wanna Be Your Dog
08. You And I And George
09. I'm A Hog For You Baby
10. Lust For Life
11. Is It Any Wonder
12. O Superman (For Massenet)
13. America
14. I Feel So Bad
15. One Night
16. The Little Fat Man (With The Pug-Nosed Face)
17. The Little Fat Man (With The Pug-Nosed Face) (Fan made Version) (Bonus Track)


01. Sweet Jane (with Lou Reed)
02. I Got You Babe (with Marianne Faithfull)
03. Sitting Next To You (with Marc Bolan)
04. Madman (with Marc Bolan)
05. Shakin' All Over (Tin Machine)
06. Maggie's Farm (Tin Machine)
07. Gloria (with Bono)
08. Go Now (Tin Machine)
09. Debaser (Tin Machine)
10. Cosmic Dancer (with Morrissey)
11. Hurt (with Trent Reznor)
12. Reptile (with Trent Reznor)
13. Dirty Blvd. (with Lou Reed)
14. 20th Century Boy (with Placebo)
15. Wake Up (with Arcade Fire)
16. Arnold Layne (with David Gilmour)
17. Comfortably Numb (with David Gilmour)

2 high quality CD-R discs, 12 pages booklet with fan art photos and information, back covers (glossy paper), CD jewel box with no tray (clear).

€ 21.00

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