Monday, June 13, 2016

Paula Abdul - Rare Songs

Chronological ordered collection of all Paula Abdul unreleased songs, non-album tracks and collaborations from 1991 to 2014 

01. Bend Time Back ‘Round (1992) (from “The Beverly Hills 90210 soundtrack”) 
02. Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah (1993) (live from compilation “For Our Children: The Concert”) 
03. Crazy Love (1995) (Japan bonus track of “Head over Heels”) 
04. Highschool Crush (1995) (Japan bonus track of “Head over Heels”) 
05. Didn’t I Say I Love You? (1995) (b-side from „My Love Is for Real“ single) 
06. Dancin’ Machine (1997) (unreleased Jackson 5 cover) (bad quality) 
07. Ooh La La La (2000) (co-written by Paula Abdul and performed by Nobody’s Angel) 
08. Spinning Around (2000) (co-written by Paula Abdul and performed by Kylie Minogue) 
09. Boombox (2008) (snippet) 
10. Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow (2008) (non album single) 
11. I’m Just Here for the Music (2009) (non album single) 
12. So Free (2011) (single by Shine 2009 featuring Paula Abdul) 
13. Dream Medley (2012) (non album single) 
14. Check Yourself (2014) (non album single) 
15. Good Night, My Love (Pleasant Dreams) (Bonus Track) (1991) (European bonus track of “Spellbound”)

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