Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Prince - The Dawn

The Dawn is a fan construction of a rumored Prince album that was intended for release sometime around 1995. Not much is known about the concept of this album outside of a few interview quotes and references. This isn’t too unusual for a bootleg, but The Dawn is special because it matches the ambition Prince was riding in the 90’s. Check this out: The Dawn is a three-disc set of Prince songs recorded during his falling out with Warner Brothers. The sexy computer narrator from The Gold Experience returns to guide you through Prince’s best songs from the time, arranged as a dense series of musical suites such as ‘The Wild Experience’ or 'The Now Experience’. Alternate takes are edited together to update many of the songs, giving some of them a very different sound.

It's unbelievable. Just unbelievable. It’s so good. A vision, executed. I love the music Prince made in the 90’s, but I hate thinking about the garbage with his label. I can’t fully get behind Prince there, but I think he was frustrated because he thought a bigger contract meant he could try to make more masterpieces, and it turned out that he couldn’t. The circumstances surrounding these great songs have made them inaccessible for people, and hearing them together in such a cohesive set is just so nice, so damn enjoyable.

There isn’t a clear answer as to why so many of these bootlegs exist. Some rumors say that underpaid sound techs pass them around for a little revenge. Others say that Prince discreetly circulates them himself, or at least encourages it. I don’t think about it too much. I just don’t think he has much to hide.


Act 1: Come

01 Welcome 2 The Dawn
02 NPG Operator
03 Come (Part 1)
04 Endorphinmachine
05 Space
06 We March
07 Days Of Wild
08 NPG Operator
09 The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
10 The Pope
11 Ripopgodazippa
12 NPG Operator
13 Race
14 Empty Room
15 NPG Operator
16 Mad
17 Rock 'N' Roll Is Alive! (And It Lives In Minneapolis)
18 Shhh
19 Strays Of The World

Act 2: Chaos

01 Pussy Control
02 NPG Operator
03 Peach
04 Chaos And Disorder
05 Shy
06 NPG Operator
07 Pheromone
08 319
09 Hide The Bone
10 18 & Over
11 NPG Operator
12 (Lemme See That Body Get) Loose!
13 Papa
14 Dark
15 NPG Operator
16 Billy Jack Bitch
17 I Hate U
18 Let It Go
19 Don't Talk To Strangers

Act 3: Gold

01 Interactive
02 Acknowledge Me
03 NPG Operator
04 Somebody's Somebody
05 Love Sign
06 What's My Name
07 The Ride
08 Zannalee
09 NPG Operator
10 Now
11 Face Down
12 NPG Operator
13 2morrow
14 The Same December
15 Extraordinary
16 Dolphin
17 Come (Part 2)
18 NPG Operator
19 Gold

3 high quality CD-R discs set, 20 pages booklet with fan art photos and information, back covers (glossy paper), 4 CD box.

€ 32.00

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